In the department Medical Systems we research and develop optical devices and processes for medical applications. Our extensive equipment of laser systems and various measuring devices, such as thermal camera and high-speed camera, allows us to do this,

as well as our comprehensive competence allow a holistic approach in which we support you in your product development from the idea to the first clinical application.

Basic research

  • Simulation and/or recording of light propagation by means of spectroscopic investigations
  • Investigation of specific light-tissue interactions with different imaging techniques
  • Simulation and/or recording of heat propagation

In addition, the biology working group is regularly involved in basic research-oriented cooperation projects with academic institutions a continuous updating of the range of methods and biological models, which can then be used in applied research.

Contact person

Avatar Haupt

Dr. Michael Haupt

Director Medical Devices

Tel: +49 (0)731 / 1429 220

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