Understanding light propagation as the basis of many optics applications in medicine and engineering

The department Quantitative Imaging and Sensors is engaged in model-based simulative and metrological imaging and sensor technology. The aim is the direct acquisition of information employing physics-based models of light propagation in the examined media or objects,

i.e. without having to resort to calibration measurements. For this purpose, a large number of different measurement procedures and theoretical methods have been developed.

Exemplary measurement technology projects

  • Direct absolute determination of food ingredients
  • Non-invasive determination of vital parameters in humans
  • (Early) Detection and classification of tissue changes such as melanoma or endometriosis
  • Determination of the optical properties of turbid media such as biological tissue, tooth replacement materials, (effect) car paints or lighting elements
  • Determination of the constituents and microstructure of soils, snow, leaves, powders or pharmaceutical products

Exemplary simulation projects

  • Rendering of biological (see picture) and technical objects
  • Simulation of microscopic images (OCT, LSM)
  • Work on Wave Front Shaping
  • Color management of plastics or 3D printing

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