Medicine and dental technology

Laser medicine, the ILM's original focus, is still an important topic at the ILM with innovation potential. In addition, we develop sensors for surgical instruments, diagnostic devices and lighting systems. The institute has particular experience in dental technology.

Here, the ILM covers the entire spectrum of optical technologies that can be used in the mouth, from the measurement of teeth, the rendering of teeth, caries diagnostics to the use of lasers and LEDs for therapy and disinfection.

Examples of projects

  • Laser systems (3µ-laser; diode laser) for medicine and dentistry, incl. beam guidance systems and applicators
  • Method and sensors for online therapy control (for laser, but also HF procedures)
  • Methods and devices for quantitative medical diagnostics, z. e.g. the water content in the skin
  • 3D scanner for intraoral measurement of the teeth
  • Software for light and heat propagation (skin; teeth)

Contact persons

Detlef Russ

Detlef Russ

Manager process development

Tel: +49 (0)731 / 1429 117

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