Sensors for autonomous systems

Assistance systems for autonomous driving and intelligent robots require a large number of small, lightweight and inexpensive 3D sensors to detect their environment. For road traffic, a special requirement is that 3D detection should also work in fog or rain. Miniaturized 3D sensors are also interesting for the detailed measurement of large objects using drones.

The ILM's expertise in the field of snap-shot 3D sensors and its ability not only to design but also to manufacture micro-optics means that the ILM is ideally placed to develop miniaturised 3D sensors. In addition to developing its own sensors, the ILM supports companies in sensor development by simulating the propagation of light in fog or rain.

Examples of projects

  • Compact and cost-efficient optical 3D distance measuring sensor for mobile applications
  • Real-time 3D optical data acquisition in difficult visibility conditions for road traffic applications

Contact persons

Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Head of Materials Optics & Imaging

Tel: +49 (0)731 / 1429 224
Dr. Damien Kelly

Damien Kelly (Phd)

Group Leader Metrology

Tel: + (49) 731 / 14 29 225

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