Welcome to the ILM - the Institute of Applied Photonics and Optics

The Institute for Laser Technologies in Medicine and Metrology at the University of Ulm (ILM) conducts research in selected areas of photonics / optics and transfers the developed technologies into industrial and medical practice.

In order to expand its know-how, the ILM is applies for public funding. Based on these funds, companies are offered tailor-made and inexpensive solutions. The ILM is particularly interested in technology transfer to SMEs.

Fields of application

The ILM's interdisciplinary skills and cross-sectional technologies from the fields of optics and photonics can be combined in different ways and used in a broad range of applications. The major areas of application are

ILM Anwendungsfelder
ILM Anwendungsfelder

Services for companies

Measurement & Fabrication

The ILM has a modern research infrastructure with laser laboratories, high-quality measurement equipment and specialised measurement setups, a laser lithography system for the production of micro-optics and components with 200 nm resolution as well as proprietary special software for the simulation of the propagation of light and heat.

You can use the existing equipment and our expertise for measuring and testing tasks at low cost. We design and manufacture micro-optics according to your specifications.



R&D partnership

We support companies in the development of optical/photonic devices and processes. For this purpose we offer you transparent contract projects. Or we design together with you funded projects (BMBF, BMWi, ZIM, KMUinnovativ). Save time and costs by adapting our technology to your application, e.g. for

  • 3D metrology
  • fast measurement of roughness
  • non-destructive boundary zone analysis
  • hyperspectral imaging
  • quantitative spectral analysis
  • scattered light based particle analysis
  • Simulation of the propagation of light and heat

Training & Consulting

The protection against optical radiation is not only important for the operation of lasers. Eye safety is also an essential requirement for the use of optical sensors, e.g. in LIDAR.  In addition to training courses in accordance with OStrV / TROS, we offer a wide range of consulting, measurement and testing services in the field of light protection:

  • Eye safety of sensors
  • Safety of laser systems
  • Transmission and resistance of laser safety glasses and windows
  • Selection of personal protective equipment

Contact persons

Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Head of Materials Optics & Imaging

Tel: +49 (0)731 / 1429 224

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