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Strategic Guidelines

ILM’s mission is application-oriented research and the subsequent transfer of the developed technology into the economy.

To expand its expertise and infrastructure ILM seeks for public funding. The entire range of funding is considered, including local calls for proposals, DFG, BMBF, BMWi, private foundations, and also EU funding. Based on the results of these projects ILM offers customized and cost effective proposals to companies.

ILM concentrates on a defined set of core competencies in the field of photonics / optics. These are used as manifold and synergistic as possible on various questions. Often, the same procedure can be used both for medical and technical applications. This allows new fields of business, without loosing the technological focus. If there is a lack of skills for a specific application, this will be added via external partners, for example from the fields of medicine, materials science, computer science or process analysis.