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At the ILM, just like at the university, we do research in competition with scientists from all over the world. As an institute of technology transfer, we nevertheless ensure that our research is put into practice. This

means that the ILM offers exciting tasks for graduates and doctoral students. And after that? It is not unusual for graduates to continue their studies with the cooperating companies - or to stay with us.

University of Ulm

Through the ILM's connection with the University of Ulm, habilitated scientists at the institute have the possibility to independently award doctoral and final theses (bachelor and master's degrees).

An overview of the different possibilities is provided in the adjoining field. 


doctoral thesis

  • Electrical engineering (Dr.-Ing.) (Prof. Dr. Raimund Hibst)
  • Physics (Dr. rer. nat.)
    (Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle)
  • Biomedical Engineering (Dr. biol. hum.) (Prof. Dr. Raimund Hibst)
  • Medicine (Dr. med.)
    (Prof. Dr. Raimund Hibst)
  • Dentistry (Dr. med. dent.)
    (Prof. Dr. Raimund Hibst)


... even more

In addition, cooperations also enable bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses on topics from the fields of technical optics or biology as well as final theses for university of applied sciences courses at the ILM.


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Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Head of Materials Optics & Imaging

Tel: +49 (0)731 / 1429 224

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