Design, manufacture and functional testing. All from one source.

With our laser lithography system (Nanoscribe, Photonic Professional GT), we can offer you micro-optical solutions from conception to production and evaluation. The system is based on 2-photon polymerization and achieves scalable resolutions up to 200nm at

component sizes up to several millimetres. It thus offers unique possibilities for optical rapid prototyping.  Large quantities can also be produced cost-effectively using molding processes.


Examples for components

Hybrid optics with refractive and diffractive elements

  • microoptical components
  • Fresnel Optics
  • Elements for beam forming at fiber ends
  • Microlens Arrays
  • diffractive optical elements
  • Phase masks
  • Diffraction Grating
ILM Bauteile
ILM Bauteile

Contact persons

Dr. Damien Kelly

Damien Kelly (Phd)

Group Leader Metrology

Tel: + (49) 731 / 14 29 225
M. Sc. Florian Hausladen

M. Sc Florian Hausladen

Manufacturing and design

Tel: + (49) 731 / 14 29 227

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