Maxwell solver: In addition to ILM's own implementation of standard methods such as the FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) and the PSTD (Pseudo Spectral Time Domain) method, an extremely high-performance proprietary development born instead of Boron series was also successfully completed, which enables the light propagation calculation of basically arbitrary microstructures to be accelerated by several orders of magnitude compared to the FDTD method.

Monte-Carlo-Solver: Innovative software tool for calculating the light propagation of scattering media with any three-dimensional surface topography and any internal structure. The GPU-accelerated code enables a highly efficient simulation of many important physical quantities and effects through newly developed algorithms.

Heat Conduction Solver: Software tools for the efficient analytical calculation of heat conduction for simple geometries and for the numerical calculation of complex geometries were developed and implemented.

Solver of Maxwell`s equations

  • Calculation in the frequency domain
  • Calculation of two- and three-dimensional structures
  • Calculation of both the near and far field of arbitrary geometries
  • Structures up to about 100 times (in 3D) or 1000 times (in 2D) the minimum wavelength of light (the image shows the near field of a granular 2D structure of silicate glass in water with 120 μm x 105 μm extension)
  • Calculation for arbitrary beam shapes and polarizations
  • Inhomogeneous and anisotropic permittivity and permeability
  • Possibility of periodic boundary conditions for calculation of infinitely extend media



  • Any large simulation volume and spreader sizes
  • Complex geometries (see picture)
  • Integration of polarization, Doppler effect, fluorescence & Raman scattering
  • Calculation in local, time, frequency and spatial frequency domain

Heat conduction solver

  •     Semi-analytical solution for stratified systems
  •     Computation in spatial, temporal, frequency and spatial-frequency domains
  •     Moving sources of arbitrary geometry
  •     Consideration of scattering for heating by light sources

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