Laser safety and eye protection. Trust in 3 decades of experience

The handling of the different laser systems at the ILM requires in-depth knowledge of laser safety as required by law and the professional associations. In addition, over the years many employees have

gained further experience in practical laser protection, which means that expertise in laser safety issues is one of the ILM's core competences.


That we can do for you:

Measurement & Testing

With our extensive metrological inventory we are able to carry out concrete measurements on laser safety. This can be done in our laboratories, for example, by testing filter glasses or laser protection windows for their transmission and resistance under laser bombardment or characterizing light sources with regard to eye protection. Or we can come to you to measure the radiation of lasers on site, for example, or to define the laser protection area. 


Laser safety courses

Several times a year, we offer courses to acquire the qualification as laser safety officer according to OStrV / TROS for laser users in the environment of clinics, practices and laboratories.

On request, we also organise closed courses for companies, either in-house or externally, as required.

Assessment & Consulting

In all questions of laser protection, we provide advice on organisational and technical aspects as well as on the selection of personal protective equipment, such as laser safety goggles.

In addition, you can also take advantage of our expertise in eye protection for other light sources, preferably as early as the development stage, e.g. light-emitting sensors. Discretion is a matter of course.


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Detlef Russ

Manager process development

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