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F., Asllanaj, S., Contassot-Vivier, A., Hohmann; A., Kienle
Light propagation in biological tissue
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 224:78-90
November 2018
Nothelfer, Steffen, Bergmann, Florian, Liemert, André, Reitzle, Dominik; Kienle, Alwin
Spatial frequency domain imaging using an analytical model for separation of surface and volume scattering
J. Biomed. Opt., 24(7):071604-1-071604-10
September 2018
Häffner, Annika, Krauter, Philipp; Kienle, Alwin
Density-dependent determination of scattering properties of pharmaceutical tablets using coherent backscattering spectroscopy
Optics Express, 26(16):19964-19971
August 2018
Zoller, Christian Johannes, Hohmann, Ansgar, Foschum, Florian, Geiger, Simeon, Geiger, Martin, Ertl, Thomas Peter; Kienle, Alwin
Parallelized Monte Carlo software to efficiently simulate the light propagation in arbitrarily shaped objects and aligned scattering media
Journal of Biomedical Optics, 23(6):065004
Juni 2018
Krauter, Philipp, Zoller, Christian; Kienle, Alwin
Double anisotropic coherent backscattering of light
Optics Letters, 43(8):1702-1705
April 2018
Stocker, Sabrina, Foschum, Florian; Kienle, Alwin
Spatially resolved lateral transmission measurements to characterize changes in the scattering coefficient and the anisotropy factor
Applied Spectroscopy, 72(5):757-764
Februar 2018
Liemert, André; Kienle, Alwin
Fractional radiative transport in the diffusion approximation
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, 56(2):317–335
Februar 2018
Prychynenko, Diana, Sitte, Matthias, Litzius, Kai, Krüger, Benjamin, Bourianoff, George, Kläui, Mathias, Sinova, Jairo; Everschor-Sitte, Karin
Magnetic Skyrmion as a Nonlinear Resistive Element: A Potential Building Block for Reservoir Computing
Physical Review Applied, 9:014034
Januar 2018
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