25th anniversary of ILM and 18th Annual Meeting of DGLM e.V.

The ILM celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. This jubilee together with changes in the Organisation of the World of Photonics trade fair and the objective of the DGLM e.V. to promote closer contact between scientists, physicians and industry led to the decision to change the location of the annual DGLM meeting to Ulm. The spacial and temporal closeness to the World of Photonics Congress have been chosen to enable all of you to participate in both conferences.

The DGLM conference will focus on the application of lasers and optical techniques in medical therapy and diagnosis, including a special exhibition on medical systems. State of the art introductions given by renowned experts make the sessions interesting not only for researchers and experienced users of optical technologies, but also for those who want to get a high level overview.

The conference will be assessed with advanced training credit points (Fortbildungspunkte der Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg).