Phantom fabrication using two-photon polymerization

For the validation of optical microscopes, such as laser scanning microscopes (LSM) or short coherence tomography (OCT) devices, microstructured phantoms are ideally suited. At ILM, two-photon polymerization is used to create phantoms with specified

structures in the micrometer range. With the aid of a suitable 3D nanoprinter, different phantoms can thus be printed with submicrometer accuracy and object sizes in the millimeter range.

Example phantom

Microstructured phantom (total size: 1 mm X 1mm X 0.2 mm) made of parallel cylinders with diameter of 10 µm.

   1. presetting of the cylinder positions on the computer,

   2. generation of the 3D CAD model,

   3. 3D printing of the microstructured phantom,

   4. inspection of the printed phantom (top view, compare specification under 1.).

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Prof. Dr. Alwin Kienle

Head of Materials Optics & Imaging

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